A series of public readings by talented writers from Muskoka and the Haliburton Highlands. Held at The Community Room, 13523 Hwy 118, Haliburton, with Jim Poling as Master of Ceremonies.The following links are to the individual video segments of the writers that shared their stories that evening.

NOTE: These are large files and are not suitable for a dial-up internet connection.

Introduction by Irene Fisher & Jim Poling

Our Readers:

Sharon Lawrence (Haliburton)
 Yvonne Heath (Baysville)
 David Franks (Baysville)
 David Bruce Patterson (Bracebridge)
 Margot Ziorjen (Haliburton)
 Murray Payne (Baysville)
 Sherry Rondeau (Bracebridge)
 Fred Gregory (Haliburton)
 Jennifer Turney (Huntsville)
 Closing Remarks
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